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Transform your business into a global enterprise

Remarkable websites can transform any business into a worldwideWeb Marketing business. We can harness the incredible power and reach of the Internet to market and grow your business worldwide.

Stand out

Don’t settle for common, template-style websites. Cookie cutter websites can’t distinguish your business from your competitors or get it to the top in an internet search.

A great business has to have an equally great website for success. We have the best, most talented web designers and developers to create attractive, easy-to-use websites that come up in searches. Rise above the crowd with photos, social media links, flash/splash animations, contact forms, secure credit applications, quote forms, user analytics, blogs, videos, music, and other interactive features to improve customer experience.

Harness the power

Is your business hard to find on the Internet? Potential customers are looking for your products and services 24/7. Finding you quickly and easily when they are searching best options and are ready to buy is the key! Dolan Marketing can help you get your company and brand found on the internet with web marketing tools that are customized to your needs and budget.


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Web marketing
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Gail has an ability to get things done without a significant amount of time investment from the client. Once we explain the direction we want a project to take, she has the “solutions to make it happen.” This ability is why we so highly recommend Gail and Dolan Marketing.

Tom Briers, CPA