As the economic tide tanked recently and eventually recovered, I observed that those businesses that suffered the most were the ones that drastically cut marketing spending during those years. They became invisible to their customers. While pulling back may have felt safe and prudent, those who found cost-effective, creative ways to keep their names in the news media and cautiously managed their sales and marketing dollars benefited greatly. It’s important to be visible and engaged with your clients regularly … no matter what’s happening in the economy.

I encourage all my clients to develop a marketing plan. Write it down. Cost it out. Own it. Live it. Breathe it. An important element needs to be a well-written, attractively designed and optimized website that clearly distinguishes you from your competitors.

Beyond that, an optimum marketing plan depends on the your unique objectives, products and services, customer base, and competitive environment. Many of our clients have been amazed at how powerful good publicity has been for their businesses. Often, the best overall marketing plan is a balanced mix of PR, advertising, events, speaking engagements, networking, sales tools, social media, and other marketing tactics. The options can be overwhelming, and clients can avoid wasting scarce dollars by working with a savvy marketing pro. 

Having a strategic plan and being focused on helping others build their businesses has been the “secret sauce” that has sustained my firm, just as it will yours.

Let us help you make it happen this year!