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Publicity has Amazing Benefits!

Just think how a great news story would enhance your business!
Promoting your brand and image through winning prestigious awards and getting compelling news stories about your business or charitable endeavors is one of the most effective ways to get noticed and set your business apart from your competitors. It is one of the cornerstones of any effective marketing plan. We help you identify prestigious awards to win and identify interesting news stories about your business to boost your brand and community recognition.

Left to chance, great publicity won’t happen. It’s nearly impossible to get your news releases noticed among the hundreds of submissions the media receives every day. Getting noticed is all about long-standing, trusting relationships. We have built a strong reputation and relationships with the media over the years and we can help you get news stories to keep and attract new customers!


Compelling news releases and story ideas
Public relations planning
Communications strategies
Develop speaking and awards opportunities
Top-notch copywriting and story pitches

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Thank you for making a refresh of our website easy and painless. We needed a website that truly reflected our uniquness as a law firm and make it stand out from others.

Our new website is compatible on all devices and represents us very well. Thank you for your professional guidance and all your hard work. Great job!

Bob Coleman
Coleman & Coleman