I’ve helped nonprofits get off the ground, creatively do events to raise donations and gain traction with news stories to engage the public in their cause. Giving of yourself and generously helping others can do a lot to create opportunities for your own business. Enthusiastic word-of-mouth referrals from your contacts are golden.

As economic tides change, it’s the smart CEO who stays relevant to customers by engaging in creative marketing, networking and public relations activities. Their businesses will win in the long run. While
pulling back on marketing and public relations may feel safe and prudent in bad times, you’ll soon become invisible and irrelevant to your customers, losing momentum.

Develop a strategic marketing plan. Write it down. Cost it out. Own it. Start with a well-written, beautifully designed, responsive, and optimized website that clearly distinguishes you from your competitors.

Beyond that, an optimum marketing strategy depends on your unique business and objectives, products and services, customer base, and budget. I can help you strike just the right balance of marketing and publicity for every kind of economy.

Having a strategic plan, being focused on helping others, and getting enthusiastic referrals have proven to be the secret sauce that has sustained my firm, just as it will yours. Let us help you make it happen this year!
Gail Dolan