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Dolan Marketing can provide you with outstanding print and TV media advertising services. Creating sharp, clean ads that catch and guide the eye, get to the point quickly, and drive response is both an art and a science. It’s all about fusing the best message, terrific copy, and great photography with innovative graphics that resonate with your customers.

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Ads can be expensive, long-term investments. It is easy to be misguided by pushy sales people with compelling sales pitches. If you are not experienced in developing and placing advertising, we can save you time and money.

Talk to us before you invest. We’ll help you develop memorable ads and evaluate your best media options to promote your company to outsmart and outmaneuver the competition.


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Gail has an ability to get things done without a significant amount of time investment from the client. Once we explain the direction we want a project to take, she has the “solutions to make it happen.” This ability is why we so highly recommend Gail and Dolan Marketing.

Tom Briers, CPA